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Mission Statement

“WearCheck is committed to remain the worldwide leader in oil and wear particle analysis. Our mission is to continually improve all aspects of our business operations so that we may provide the best service possible to our customers. We understand that in order to provide the best service, requires the use of the most modern, and state of the art analytical instrumentation, and recognized standard testing methods and procedures. We will establish and maintain a continuous quality improvement program that is second to none, and create a work environment that enhances learning, innovation, and excellent communication among our employees and customers.”

Six Decades of Leadership


The story begins

WearCheck was established in Canada as a full service analytical laboratory, specializing in trendline oil analysis of all types of lubricating and hydraulic oils.


WearCheck International Formed

WearCheck International was formed when the original owners sold this laboratory and moved to the USA and set up a new WearCheck laboratory, Spectrometrics.


Wearcheck International Grows

WearCheck International began to search the world for other oil analysis laboratories that met the criteria for a WearCheck laboratory. Member laboratories were added in 6 other countries including, South Africa, Wales, Australia, Belgium, Spain expanding WearCheck International globally.


Global Branding

Laboratories were added in Germany and Hungary. All of these laboratories either use the company name WearCheck, or supply oil and wear particle test kits, under the WearCheck® brandname.


WearCheck Summit

WearCheck International held it’s first International meeting in Brussels, Belgium. WearCheck laboratories meet once a year to stay current with new technologies and industry trends.


Charter signing

The WearCheck International charter was created and signed by the eight original members, in Brannenburg, Germany. This charter outlined the mission statement for WCI, as well as defining standards for operation, and quality.


WebCheck Launched

First web based Oil Analysis data retrieval system introduced globally.
Customers can manage equipment and review reports online.



Development of first commercial laboratory instrument, the CINRG CS-APC-2 Automated Auto-Diluting Particle Counter.


Asia & South America

Expansion of WearCheck International Group into Asia & South America.



Using modern technology, up-to-date test methods and procedures,
WearCheck’s low cost, customized analytical programs are widely used
by industry to augment preventative maintenance programs on all
types of equipment and components on a regular basis.
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The first WearCheck laboratory was established in Canada in 1966. Since the formation of WearCheck International on 1973, in the interest of betterment and growth, WearCheck International is continuing the search for laboratories around the world. A request to be considered as part of WCI may be made through the request form below. Request for WCI affiliates is considered yearly at the WCI conferences.

Laboratories considering application must meet the following criteria;

not exist or have affiliates in the existing WCI territories
currently have an operating oil analysis laboratory
currently offer oil analysis services and testing
have the following instrumentation as a minimum;
ICP spectrometer

If you wish to apply for membership in WearCheck International (WCI) please fill out our Request for Membership form (letter) ( or in (A4) format ). All applications should be sent by facsimile to +1 905-569-8605, or you may contact Bill Quesnel, the current Admissions officer for WearCheck International.