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The WearCheck Vision

Oil Analysis has been proven internationally
as an effective method of reducing maintenance costs, improving productivity and providing peace of mind in industries which operate large fleets of plant equipment, aircraft or heavy-duty vehicles.

In recent years another factor has entered the equation:
Enlightened maintenance managers are becoming increasingly aware that the benefits of Oil Analysis can grow exponentially depending on the level of staff commitment to the Oil Analysis philosophy and the degree of interaction with the Oil Analysis company.

At WearCheck, Oil Analysis is not simply an add-on service.

It is a partnership with the client encompassing analysis, interpretation and training, with each element being an integral part of the whole.

WearCheck’s holistic approach to Oil Analysis
demands the highest technological standards and the highest caliber of suitably qualified and experienced staff. This quest for excellence is reflected in each organization’s level of quality.
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Mission Statement

“WearCheck is committed to remain the worldwide leader in oil and wear particle analysis. Our mission is to continually improve all aspects of our business operations so that we may provide the best service possible to our customers. We understand that in order to provide the best service, requires the use of the most modern, and state of the art analytical instrumentation, and recognized standard testing methods and procedures. We will establish and maintain a continuous quality improvement program that is second to none, and create a work environment that enhances learning, innovation, and excellent communication among our employees and customers.”

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We understand that our employees are our most important asset. We will provide an atmosphere in which people have opportunities for self improvement.

Management will provide employees proper training, equipment, and guidance and ensure that all employees work safely in a healthy work environment.

We will ensure that at the core of our company lies a strong and effective quality improvement program. Our Quality Improvement Program ensures efficiency in the way we undertake our functionsWe will ensure honesty in our dealings with customers and our fellow employees. We affirm the integrity of our results, and will never allow outside influence to affect its accuracy..

We will practice a work ethic that reflects dedication to quality workmanship, and pride in a job well done.

The continued success of our company can be attributed to our ability to produce accurate results in a timely fashion. We will continue to improve our turn around time and commit ourselves to providing our customers with results within the shortest time possible.

We believe in an atmosphere where communications flow freely among ourselves and our customers. We will address issues and concerns in a manner that promotes goodwill and mutual respect.