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If you do not already have oil analysis sample kits then contact your nearest WearCheck and talk to customer service to purchase sample kits. Check out the Customer Service information above. If you need to take a sample immediately then use a suitable container. It is important that the container is clean and dry. You could use an empty beverage container, however, if the drink contained sugar, then even a very small amount of residual beverage can cause a positive test for glycol contamination. Also the oil sample would likely pick up some amount of water that could cause an abnormal oil analysis result. If you must use a beverage container, use a sugar-free drink container (or water bottle), and dry the bottle first using compressed (or shop) air. Fill the bottle about half-way (we only require about 100 ml / 4 ounces of oil to do a full analysis). Ensure that the cap is secured tightly and then pack the sample into a small box that contains material that can soak up and oil that spills during shipment. Click here for a sample form that you can complete to accompany your oil sample.

Contact us at the numbers above to get the address of the nearest WearCheck location. Send the sample by courier to ensure prompt delivery and a timely oil analysis report.

Contact us through Customer Service at the number above, or alternatively you can sign up for our free Internet service, WebCheck, here. If you included your e-mail address on your sample submission form, then you will automatically be signed up for WebCheck and you should have received an e-mail with your login information. Check your junk mail if you expected this e-mail but did not see it. WebCheck e-mails are sent from

Go to the WebCheck Home page and simply enter your WebCheck user id into the “renew your account” section and click the Go button. If you do not remember your WebCheck user id then enter your e-mail address into the “forget your User Id” section and click the Go button. WebCheck renewals are for one (1) year and there is no cost for a WebCheck account or renewal.

Contact us at the Customer Service and Ordering Desk using the information above. We have a record of the oil sample kits that you have purchased in the past so we can assist you if you do not remember. WearCheck accepts orders by e-mail, fax and of course phone. Have a Purchase Order or credit card ready for your order.

The simplest way to take an oil sample is using a vacuum sampling pump and sampling tubing. You can purchase these materials by contacting Customer Service or on-line from the Lubrigard Web site. The sample pump is P/N SP38X and tubing is P/N PT44. Here are general instructions on using a vacuum sample pump to draw an oil sample.

Best practices for oil analysis sampling require the use of dedicated sampling hardware. For an overview of the type of sampling hardware available by application read Lubrigard’s Guide to Taking Oil Samples. A wide range of sampling hardware is available on-line from the Lubrigard Web site. For an in-depth understanding of how to properly take oil samples participate in our Advanced Oil Analysis course.

For more information on WearCheck services and on selected oil analysis topics visit our literature site.

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