Sampling Practice Recommendations

The following table outlines the different tests that are available to the trucking industry. For more detail on the tests performed, click on the Test Kit name (ie, MOB 1, MOB 2).


Category Component Test Kit Interval Comments
Engines Diesel MOB 1 3 mon / 20,000 km / 12,500 ml MOB 1 kit for routine analysis, MOB 2 for extended drain interval testing (includes TAN test to monitor oil degradation).
Natural Gas MOB 1 3 mon / 20,000 km / 12,500 ml
Gasoline MOB 1 3 mon / 8,000 km / 5,000 ml WC-INS kits must be purchased for warranty/insurance claims.
Transmission Manual MOB 1 6 mon / 35,000 km / 20,000 ml Routine analysis kits.
Automatic MOB 1 6 mon / 35,000 km / 20,000 ml
Power Trains Differential MOB 1 12 mon / 75,000 km / 50,000 ml Routine analysis kits.
Planetary MOB 1 12 mon / 75,000 km / 50,000 ml Routine analysis kits.
Fluids New unused oil MOB 1 every bulk shipment Establish baseline for your bulk oil shipments.
Brakefluid MOB 2 12 mon / 75,000 km / 50,000 ml Test your brakefluid for contaminants. Verify DOT III, IV or V fluid.
Coolant COOL 12 mon / 75,000 km / 50,000 ml Test the condition of your coolant.
Fuel FUEL every bulk shipment Test your bulk fuel shipments for contaminants and to verify fuel grade.
Special Sampling Considerations
Follow up on abnormal samples FILTER WearCheck advises that filter analysis be performed with resamples on equipment that tested abnormal. Filter analysis allows the diagnostician to locate and detect major wear situations. Filter analysis can be performed on any equipment that has a replaceable filter.
Extended oil drain interval testing MOB 2 Any equipment that is undergoing extended oil drain interval testing should use MOB 2 test kits. These kits include TAN testing (or TBN testing for engines) to monitor the degradation of the oil, as well as the build up of acids in the oil. Oils with high TAN levels (or low TBN levels) generally experience oil thickening, sludging, improper oil flow, and corrosion of components.
Samples for insurance/warranty claims INS The MOB 1 and MOB 2 kits are not meant for this purpose. The insurance (INS) test kit provides a complete analysis of the oil and filter. This allows WearCheck to assess the condition of the equipment, and of the fluid prior to the failure. A report is issued, specifically aimed towards validation or invalidation of a claim.
Large Diesel Engines MOB 3 WearCheck advises using MOB 3 kits for large engines (>100 litres of oil capacity). MOB 3 kits include the most comprehensive battery of tests to monitor the oil condition, wear condition, and contamination levels of the system.