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Introducing WebCheck

WebCheck® is the leader in Oil Analysis program management. WebCheck® uses your Internet browser to give you access to your sample data. Log onto our secure cloud and search, track, and manage your oil analysis samples & equipment. Print sample and management reports all from your Web browser. WebCheck® gives you full access to your oil analysis data, securely in the cloud.

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  • Quick Access to Oil Analysis Data
  • Networked User Base
  • Access to Support Information
  • Data Entry and Selection of Test Packages On-Line
  • Maintenance Tracking and Scheduling
  • Equipment Database Maintenance
  • Ability to Use Network of Laboratories
  • On-Line Training


  • Registration of Equipment On-Line
  • Alerted to Customer Problems before Warranty Claims
  • Use of Industry Data for Re-engineering
  • Global Access to Data from World-Wide Locations
  • Incorporate Lube Survey Systems


  • LIMS Management
  • Paperless Laboratory
  • Remote LIMS Management
  • Remote Diagnosis by Experts
  • Ability to Set-up Satellite Labs
  • Access to Customer Maintenance Information
  • Forum for Communication with Customers
  • Data Exchange for CBM-based Software


  • Access to a Well-Targeted and Captive Audience
  • Remote Program Management as a
  • Maintenance Consultant
  • Establish an E-Commerce Site

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Manage Your Equipment

You control the equipment in your oil analysis program. With direct access to equipment from all sites and locations you can modify equipment information at any time. You add new equipment to your database and update or remove existing equipment.

Additional tools including the ability to both merge and move sampling points allows you to correct misidentified sampling points so that you can maintain the integrity of your equipment database.

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Schedule Maintenance Actions

Manage sample scheduling intervals, have your oil analysis laboratory pre-print sample labels and deliver sample kits just in time for sample taking.

Generate reports to track future or historical maintenance schedules. WebCheck automatically tracks maintenance activities so you may determine when a sample has been taken or missed, and allows you to see future sample dates.

Enter and schedule maintenance actions with tools to track completed, outstanding and overdue maintenance activities.

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Review Oil Analysis Results

View oil analysis sample reports, test results, trending graphs as well as recommendations. Access data that was traditionally accessible only to the laboratory, including ferrographic images, IR spectra, TAN and TBN titration plots, as well as GC chromatograms.

Enjoy the best possible turn-around of your oil analysis samples by viewing data on-line and in real-time with your oil analysis laboratory.

Improve time management by receiving e-mail alerts notifying you when recently completed samples indicate an equipment problem where corrective action is required.

Track problem equipment using the Equipment Trouble Log, it works to automatically track the recurrence of equipment problems as indicated by the oil analysis results.

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Full Historical Reporting

Track the overall progress and effectiveness of your oil analysis program and generate detailed management summary reports.

The WebCheck Reporting module allows you to generate sample rating summaries, sample test statistics, equipment status reports, as well as a range of other reports aimed at assisting managers in assessing the effectiveness of the oil analysis program.

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