Wearcheck provides management tools to manage your equipment right down to the component being tested.

  • What is WebCheck?

    WebCheck is an Internet application, specifically a client extranet. A good example of a commonly used client extranet is on-line banking. WebCheck is similar to on-line banking. You are assigned a private username and password (usually your bank card number and PIN) and you have access to only your account. The bank is responsible for ensuring the security of your data as well as all the other data for their clients.

  • How do I access WebCheck?

    Contact WearCheck and you will receive an e-mail notification once your login account has been set-up. All that is required to access WebCheck is an Internet browser.

  • Do I have to install any software?

    WebCheck operates through the Internet using an Internet browser. No software is installed on your computer, and you are not required to download any data.

  • Where is my Oil Analysis data?

    Your oil sample database resides on the WebCheck server instead of your local computer. As a result you can access your samples data from any computer with Internet access, whether at work, at home, on the road, across the nation or around the world.

  • How safe is my Oil Anaylsis data?

    WebCheck resides on a private network behind a firewall. WebCheck users are restricted to their own data and require a username and password to access the system. All changes to samples data is backed-up five times daily, and the entire database is backed up every night. Since your database resides on the WebCheck server you needn’t worry about data integrity or redundancy planning.

  • What if I send oil samples to other WearCheck laboratories?

    All WearCheck laboratory data is centralized in the WebCheck database. You can send oil analysis samples to any WearCheck laboratory and access the results in WebCheck.

  • What if other people in my maintenance department want access to oil analysis data?

    You can set-up as many WebCheck logins for your organization as required. From mechanics to managers, for any number of locations. Each person is given a private account and restrictions are set-up to ensure access to only the samples and equipment that is required for their login.