Why WebCheck

  • QR-enabled sample submission
  • QR-coded asset / sampling tags
  • Manage your machine database
  • Scan offline and syncronize later
  • Access to all sample results across multiple locations
  • Add / Edit / Remove and manage all your equipment
  • Create customized management reports
  • Trend up to 8 key metrics including ROI
  • Full access to the learning center
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Main Benefits

Simplified sample Kits

WearCheck's new simplified sample kits include a soft poly pack mailer that holds 1 to 6 sample bottles, a simplified sample form with QR codes that contain pre-stored information about samples and are scannable by your mobile device for tracking & on-line data entry.

Essential data at your fingertips

From the Leader in Oil Analysis comes the leading edge oil analysis management system, WebCheck and the newly released version 2 system. WebCheck was the first oil analysis software on the Internet, and this latest release is a complete re-write of the original WebCheck system first released in 1998 and developed and used by over 60,000 clients until it's retirement in 2020.

Subscription management reports

WV2 takes management reporting to a whole new level. WV2 automatically tracks your program metrics, including percentage of on-line data entry, data completion score, sample conformance, sample latency, lab turn-around, fleet health, ROI and repair ratios. Custom subscription based reports allow you to create highly customized management reports that are pushed to your email at whatever interval you specify.

Integrate oil analysis into your business

WearCheck is the leader in data integration for oil analysis. WebCheck, released in 1991, was the first Internet-based oil analysis software, developed and patented by WearCheck. Today WearCheck offers a variety of data integration solutions for customers, OEMs, suppliers and distributors. ADOAPT is a set of Advanced Data Objects and API interfaces that allows WearCheck partners to integrate with WearCheck.

Our Lab, your program

At WearCheck, we believe in tailoring solutions to fit your unique needs. Our customized programs not only showcase your branding across WebCheck, sampling kits, and reports, but also provide a tailored approach to meet your specific requirements. Whether it's integrating fluid analysis into warranty programs or creating promotional services for ongoing orders, we're here to design a program that works for you.

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